Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Silver Futures Set to Rally

Commitment of Traders Report Points to Higher Silver Prices

Commercial traders building position for silver futures rally.

June 26, 2012

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The commercial traders have nailed the silver market for the last few months. They were the heaviest sellers at the March highs. They sold more than 10,000 contracts through the month of February.
They’ve also been the heaviest buyers through the May – June decline, adding 7,000 contracts in the last month. These additions have pushed their position just above their buying levels in early January.
Their buying has also led to a technical divergence in the ARSI momentum indicator. We can see that the market made a new low on Friday’s trade, down to $26.57. However, the ARSI’s significantly higher reading in light of the market’s new lows provides evidence of a turnaround in the market, rather than continued downside.
We will be buying September silver futures and placing a protective sell stop at the swing low of $26.57.
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