Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Calling a Top in Lean Hogs

Commitment of Traders Report Confirms Seasonal High

December 4, 2012

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The February lean hog contract is being hit with bearish signals from every direction. Yesterday, we published a seasonal sell signal based on the recommendation of Moor Research and this morning we have a sell signal from COT Signals which, means there is considerable commercial selling. Finally, we have a technical trigger called a , “90-10.” This is described as a continuation play in Larry Connor’s book, Street Smarts and the method was developed by Linda Raschke. The 90-10 Low Continuation signal is fired when the day's trading closes within the bottom 10% of the day's range. It tells us that yesterday's late day move lower is likely to continue on into today.
Whichever method we use to view this market, seasonally, fundamentally or, technically they all point lower. We’ll sell February lean hogs and place a protective buy stop at yesterday’s high of 87.775.

Lean Hog Futures Top   

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